Independent fashion model
    Fashion modelling
    Photographic modelling
    Commercial modelling
    Promotion modelling
    as a duo with my son, who is a child model

Hello and welcome to my Modelling website.

My name is Diana Nesbitt and I work as an independent fashion model. I also work as a teacher in a modelling school, where i teach photographic courses

I was born and lived in Russia untill 2002.

I graduated from university with a Masters in Teaching for both English and French in 2000.

From 2000 - 2003 I worked as a TV presenter and journalist for one of the local TV stations (TV 6) in the Russian Riveria, Sochi.

During this time, I was also modelling for a number of fashion and retail companies, TV ads and brochures.

Despite the fact that I am only 5'3, I was often employed for catwalk fashion shows.

At the moment I am looking to build my modelling career in the UK and will be happy to start on any assingments as soon as possible.

I am available for assignments in the following fields:

  • Fashion
  • Photographic
  • Commercial
  • Acting
  • Promotion

I do not do nude or glamour, but will be happy to work with swimwear and lingerie.

I am prepared to travel worldwide for my assignments provided that I am paid travel expenses in advance.

No assignment is too small for me.

My hobbies include singing in musicals (I am a top soprano) and am currently a member of the Kettering Operatic Society, interior design, reading, photography, travelling and messing around with my little son Dante Sebastian. He also has a website and is available as a child model, or we could do a mother-son scenario..